I am Bibi and I am so happy you made it to this blog, I hope you can stand all the gossip.

I am twenty-four years old and I studied Physics at ETH Z├╝rich. I recently finished my thesis on the “Detectability of Radial Velocity Planets with ELT / METIS” and just started my PhD in September in Lund. During my PhD I work on a topic called High-Resolution Spectroscopy, so easier said: I look at the composition of atmospheres of so-called extrasolar planets, which are planets orbiting around other stars.

I am very passionate about extrasolar planets – exoplanets for short – and I force my friends quite often to just listen to me admiring the research in this field. It is fascinating to me that there are other planets in this big wide universe out there and not just the eight planets in the Solar System. Whereas we already know a lot about the planets in our direct neighbourhood, the field of exoplanets is rather young.

My goal is to make this field more accessible to people lacking the background I got to have during my studies and I will be acquiring throughout my PhD. As Einstein supposedly said:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

And I think he was completely right about that!

Moving to Sweden will not only be a challenge in terms of my career as a researcher and scientist, but also in consideration of leaving Switzerland behind me and starting a life at a different place. I hope to be able to find a new home in Lund and I will let you know how this journey goes. Stay tuned!

I will try and put as much effort as possible in creating the posts on this blog, hoping to be able to share my passion about exoplanets, maybe open a yet unknown field to you, and hopefully give you a good distraction from every day life every now and then. I want to share with you all the ups and downs you face when living abroad in a country “far” away from home.

I would love for you to have a look around and I hope you enjoy it!

— Bibi