About 2020 …

… and why I consider the year a success despite all the things that happened. You may be wondering now how I even dare to say that 2020 was a successful year, despite all the things that happened in the world. 2020 has certainly been an interesting, exhausting and difficult year. A global pandemic has… Continue reading About 2020 …

Saint Lucy’s Day

Fiat lux! Let there be light! The 13th of December is a very special day in Sweden. Many people have told me that light – and especially candles – play a very important role here. During the cold and dark winter months, your home has to be cosy. And what could be cosier than sitting… Continue reading Saint Lucy’s Day

Välkommen till Lund!

A little less than a week has passend since my bus arrived at Lund Central, and already so much has happened. It feels like I’ve been here for an eternity. I am completely overwhelmed from everything that has been going on and I sincerely apologise for letting you wait for so long before checking in… Continue reading Välkommen till Lund!

Exploring Switzerland

Switzerland is all about mountains, chocolate, cheese and watches. Definitely not a wrong statement. No matter how negative the situation might be, I try to see something positive in it. Even though I had to cancel my trip and move to Sweden, we seized the opportunity to explore a few beautiful places in the country… Continue reading Exploring Switzerland

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If it wasn’t for Corona…

… we’d be on our way to Rostock now. If it wasn’t for COVID-19 and the measures the Swiss government decided on during the last official meeting on the 6th of July, I would have been showing you pictures of my wonderful travel buddies on the way to Rostock now.

It is official now – You may call me a master ;)

Almost six years after I finished high school, I now hold my master’s degree in my hands. I went to the post office on Wednesday in the evening to grab the letter which contained my diploma! It is official now, I graduated from ETH Zurich on the 23rd of June, 2020.

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Let’s get this gossip started.

Hi there, My name is Bibi and I am the responsible person behind this website. I chose to create this blog to reach out to friends and family and let them know what my life is about.

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