As part of my PhD education and employment at Lund Observatory, I get the opportunity to engage in teaching in different ways, such as supervise labs for students at different stages of their studies. Recently I got the opportunity to supervise the computer lab on exoplanets detection in ASTC01 (Astrobiology) at Lund University where I guided students through experimenting with the radial velocity and transit technique to search for exoplanet. Further I got the chance to teach a computer lab in FYSB21 (Mathematical Methods for Vibrations, Waves and Diffusion) on heat diffusion.

In upcoming years I will continue supervising these two labs. You can find the material to these courses here:

  • ASTC01 – Astrobiology (last updated HT 2020)
  • FYSB21 – Mathematical Methods for Vibrations, Waves and Diffusion (to be updated)

Previous Teaching Experience

During my time at ETH Zurich, I got the chance to teach quite a lot. I used to have a website for all the documents I provided for my students. As this former website was hosted by ETH Zurich, it will no longer be available, and the documents needed to be transferred her.

The websites for the exam preparation courses are password-protected. If you need the password, do not hesitate to contact me.

Teaching in exercise classes:

  • HS 2018 – Physik I – Günther Dissertori
    (currently under revision)
  • FS 2019 – Physik II – Günther Dissertori
  • HS 2019 – Physik I – Günther Dissertori
  • FS 2020 – Physik II – Rainer Wallny

Exam preparation courses

Award for Excellent Teaching 2020

While teaching Physik II for first year Bachelor students in mathematics, physics and interdisciplinary sciences (with physics / chemistry focus) in spring 2020, I was awarded the VMP Assistentenaward (in German) for excellent teaching assistance in spring semester 2020, by the association of mathematics and physics students of ETH (VMP)